Ready to go trick-or-treating at Century?

Between October 15th and Halloween, we’ll be GIVING AWAY 4 BOB BAGS!

That’s the treat! The trick? In order to win, you have to find the pumpkin hidden somewhere on

Here’s how it works:

On October 15th, 2019, a pumpkin will be placed at random on one of our product pages. When you find the pumpkin, take a screenshot and send the image in a direct message to our Century Martial Arts’ Facebook page.

If you’re the first person to find the pumpkin, you’ll win a BOB*!

The pumpkin will be moved to a new location each time it is found, so don’t rely on past winners! You’ll have to dig around the site. The contest will run until the last pumpkin has been found, or through October 31st, 2019!

Happy hunting!

*Contest is open to Wholesale and Retail customers. Contiguous US states only. One prize per person.