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Fitness is all about overcoming obstacles and building strength through perseverance. Whether it comes by running, lifting weights, throwing a ball, or any other method, consistent exercise brings beautiful results of health and fulfillment. In addition to more traditional fitness methods, the martial arts offer another, more unique way to get or stay in shape, with elements to improve both body and mind. Check back with us often for a variety of content designed to enhance your fitness experience.

Century Challenge GRIPBALL™

Century Challenge GRIPBALL™

Get a full body workout with the Century Challenge GRIPBALL! The larger size allows for more intense training and a wide variety of exercises. The Challenge GRIPBALL features a unique textured grip material for an effortless grip while exercising.

  • Composed of durable vinyl with textured grip technology
  • Soft shell construction for comfortable training
  • Filled with shredded cotton fibers
  • Versatile design allows for cardio, core and strength training
  • Larger than a traditional medicine ball for challenging workouts

Challenge GRIPBALL™ Workout Guide

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