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Hydrocore Heavy Bag
Hydrocore Heavy Bag

Hydrocore Heavy Bag

A popular alternative to traditional heavy bags. Fills with water for a consistent rebound. Durable vinyl and foam construction
Size: 13” DIA. X 40” Tall
Weight:: Approx. 70 lbs Fully filled

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Item Number: 101937-010

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Best bag I've ever used.

Skill Level : AdvancedIntermediate

I had one of these Century hydrocore water bags back in the late 1990's at that time the extra large bag that I had was called the Powerline Tidal Wave. I called Century recently and asked them about the inner construction just to make sure it didn't change with the name change and graphic logo changes on the outside and they confirmed it is the same bag. Century told me that they have updated the name and the outer logo graphics since 1998 to keep up with the times but it's still made the same, the design has been proven and has been able to stand the test of time as it was intended.
The Century Hydrocore bags advantage is the type of padding used and the thickness of it and the water core which is the key to hand and body protection. No other brand that I've tried has that right combination of comfort, safety, durability, size/Height, length. weight options for the money from a name brand like Century Martial Arts a company that's been around and won't be out of business next week. I have never ever hurt my hands using this bag. The outer cover of this bag is not leather but it is tough and durable it takes a beating and comes back for more and it can endure the elements when left outside for years. I left my old bag outside in the sun the rain you name it. This bag took everything my friends and I could throw at it and it never broke, punches, kicks, elbows and knees it was awesome!
I highly recommend BUYING a Century Hydrocore regardless of which size you choose: large/70lb or extra large/120 lbs you can't go wrong with this bag it will not let you down, it is the BEST BAG I have ever used regardless of price. I hope this review helps.