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Double Wrap Elite 2
century double wrap elite 2
century double wrap elite 2
century double wrap elite 2
Double Wrap Elite 2" Black Belt - E3

Double Wrap Elite 2" Black Belt - E3

Made of premium, ultra-smooth brushed cotton, this double-wrap belt has a heavy, 0.25" cotton webbing core that's designed to break in over time. Featuring 11 rows of precise stitching, this belt is made to honor the dedication of the black belt achievement. Width: 2"
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Item Number: 01115-010

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Very heavy and stiff belt

Skill Level : Advanced

I ordered two of these belts for advanced rank Black Belt students in our school. In the past we have used item #0111 when we wanted high quality embroidered black belts. As that item is no longer available we selected item E3. We followed the advise regarding upsizing and ordered the belts one size bigger than normal. The students (I am one of them) already had black belts but, in our school, new belts are issued upon achievement of fourth dan rank. When we received these belts we were dismayed at how stiff they are. It is not possible to tie the knot anywhere near a normal elite black belt knot. Even though the belt is one size longer than the previous belt it will not drape down and hang in front as a belt should. It sticks out like propeller blades. I am unable to use this belt. I put it in the clothes dryer with no heat and softening sheets for five hours and it did not soften up at all. I am now stuck with the cost of purchasing another belt. These are not poor quality belts...just be aware that going one size longer will not be enough and you will not be able to tie it in a normal knot. I had two of our biggest students pull on this belt like a tug of war when I tried it on in an attempt to reduce the knot size and it did not help.
I contacted customer service regarding this belt and was told to contact their special phone orders to order a replacement belt at my cost. We need more black belts and I don't know what to order now.
Larry Heath