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Cylinder Belt Displays - 10 Level
Cylinder Belt Displays - 10 Level

Cylinder Belt Displays - 10 Level

A unique way to commemorate your martial arts journey, this belt display is constructed with a solid wood base and top, and a clear acrylic cylinder. Available in six or ten level sizes. Belts sold separately.
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Cheap Plastic

Skill Level : Advanced

The cylinder is not acrylic is a very cheap plastic that gets scratch easily. Also you have to assemble it, put the plastic together by some tabs to make it round. After that you just slide the plastic on the pieces of wood, nothing holds the plastic so if someone bump into it, it will fall apart. So in reality is just 2 pieces of wood with a plastic in the middle.

The concept is great, the protection of the belts is better than the one hanging on the wall and of course easy to move but I think the materials should be a little bit of more quality.

Best Display

Skill Level : Advanced

In my 47 years of teaching martial arts, many different belt displays have come and gone. The biggest complaint I hear is either the straps holding the belt come loose, or my belts get dirty! This belt display solves both of those issue and is durable.
This is the display I push in my schools.

Jim Mattocks
United Kempo Karate Schools