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Cool Guard Deluxe Insert
century cool guard deluxe insert white 11637
Cool Guard Deluxe Insert

Cool Guard Deluxe Insert

The Cool Guard Protector Super Protective Insert for women is made from tough polyurethane foam, with ventilation and smooth-rounded edges. These inserts slip in between the two fabric layers of the Cool Guard Sports Bra for exceptional coverage and support during training. Sold in pairs.
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Item Number: 11637-100

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Why did I wait so long!

Skill Level : Advanced

I love these with the sports bra. It's comfortable, doesn't hinder my movements and it protects the "girls". I've thought about buying them for years, but held off due to cost. It's so worth it. The cheaper version is a harder plastic. Some of the other gals bought those and they say they hurt. The deluxe is soft enough around the edges that I don't feel them when in the sports bra.