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Kicking Jeans
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Kicking Jeans

Kicking Jeans

You can be prepared to display your skills where ever you are without worry about changing into your uniform. Suitable for a variety of martial arts styles, Kicking Jeans are rugged denim jeans that are durable without sacrificing comfort and breathability. Special blend of denim and Elastane fibers with a stretch range of approximately 30%. VariFlex Twinseam design allows for optimal flexibility and movement. Color is denim blue.
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Item Number: KJ001-600

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The only jeans my husband will wear

Skill Level : Intermediate

I bought two pairs for my husband Sept of 2015 and they were the only jeans he has worn for the last two years. They are amazingly durable as he would normally rip out the crotch on regular jeans within just a few months. 100% worth the price. After two years they are finally getting thin and showing signs of wear so it’s time to order more.

The Pinnacle of Human Achievement

Skill Level : Intermediate

I have waited my whole life for these jeans. I like being comfortable in jeans and I like randomly throwing out some corkscrews, cheat gainers, and sideswipes. I have torn apart 5 pairs of jeans like this. Not only do these jeans not rip, they don't constrict movement at all. And I literally cannot tell them apart in look or feel from my old loose fitting jeans. I don't know how you did this, but these are the only jeans for me for the rest of life

Great jeans

Skill Level : Advanced

Very good jeans offer awesome flexibility, but due to the nature of the material, they can snag or tear easily, so do not use them as work jeans.

Best Jeans ever

Skill Level : Advanced

Best martial arts jeans ever. Not to date myself but I had the original Chuck Norris jeans with the fabric diamond sewn in which limited flexibility. Also, the material was more spandex than jeans.

These jeans are awesome, extremely comfortable, real jean look and feel while providing an unlimited range of motion. Seriously, I can work out more in my jeans than my uniform or sweat pants. I am going to replace my wardrobe with all Century Jeans. There is nothing like feeling normal and invisible while knowing I can perform when needed without worry.

Just waiting for them to go on sale again since I will be buying a large quantity.

Excellent Jeans!

Skill Level : Advanced

I'm not prone to hyperbole, but these jeans are kind of life changing. I can't imagine going back to normal jeans now. Great fit, smooth comfort, perfect flexibility.