Paul Webb

Century President Paul Webb has been with the company since 2007. A certified Full Instructor in Jeet Kune Do, Webb has also spent numerous years training in Okinawan Shorei-Kan Goju-Ryu Karate and Ed Parker Kenpo.  

“I was always interested in martial arts, but it peaked when I started watching the Kung Fu television series,” Webb says. “After that, I convinced my sister to take me to Bruce Lee movies, and my obsession grew.”  

His interest in martial arts continued throughout his youth, convincing him to pursue more training as he got older. In the mid-70s, Webb got the chance to spar with Century founder Mike Dillard at Haggarty’s Martial Arts School, where Dillard was training.  

“I knew Mike Dillard as a fighter and someone I admired,” says Webb. “When I got the opportunity to spar against him, I took it -- I have never lost so badly in my life. That loss drove me to become a better martial artist and was a lesson I’ll never forget.”  

Webb’s experience in martial arts and admiration for Mike Dillard greatly influenced his decision to work for Century.

Webb has immense respect for the field of martial arts and takes great joy out of being able to teach others about the art that has so greatly influenced his own life.

My Favorite Products

10 oz. Middleweight Brushed CottonElastic Waist Pants With Pocket

As the President and as an instructor, Webb appreciates many of the products Century produces; however, one of his favorites is the 10 oz. Middleweight Brushed Cotton Pants with Pockets.  

“I finally have a place to keep my mouthguard,” Webb says. “I don’t know why no one thought of this before.”

Kicking Jeans

He also likes the Kicking Jeans, which he wears “all the time,” both at work and at home.

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