Jeffrey Pham

One of the best parts about working for Century according to Jeffrey Pham, Digital Marketing Specialist, is the company philosophy: we believe lives can be improved through martial arts.

“Century stays true to its mission,” Pham says. “We exist to inspire. Martial Arts is not a product or a program to be sold, it is a lifestyle to be lived.”

Martial arts have long been a part of Pham’s life. As a child he studied Hung Gar, one of the styles of Kung Fu, to perform traditional lion dancing at the Vietnamese temple in Oklahoma City.

Later, while working for a marketing agency in San Diego, Pham began looking for activities that would help enrich his life and add balance in a hectic work schedule. He began taking Tai Chi, and when he returned to Oklahoma and started working at Century, he was able to continue learning at the on-site classes offered there. Pham also leads a small Tai Chi group, composed mainly of family and friends, in his free time.

“Martial arts have helped me stay connected to my family and my heritage,” Pham says. “There is a great humility in practicing it.”

My Favorite Products

Rattan Bo Staff

Since starting at Century, Pham has added weapons training to his Tai Chi. He is learning Gunshu – traditional Chinese staff fighting – for which he uses the Rattan Bo Staff. The straight bo is made from fibrous vine rather than a hard wood, so it’s less likely to snap or splinter as Pham is performing the continuous, fluid-motion strikes of Gunshu.

Traditional Kung Fu pants

Besides the rattan bo, Pham’s top product pick are the Traditional Kung Fu pants. They’re great for Tai Chi as well, being designed to allow a large range of motion and with elastic ankle cuffs to keep the legs from slipping around during high kicks. And as a bonus, they even work for office wear.

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