Kinzy Palumbo

Kinzy Palumbo, an Account Manager at Century, says he got hooked on martial arts, specifically submission wrestling, after watching Royce Gracie win several UFC tournaments against much larger opponents. Early on in his training, he didn’t have access to any official martial arts classrooms, so he would train in the aerobics room at his gym, his friend’s garage, and even alleys and parking lots.

“I trained with legit experts in BJJ, Judo, boxing, and tactical knife fighting, but almost never in an official classroom environment,” Palumbo says. “A lot of my early training came in the real world arena, and I think it really enhanced my training experience.”

Like many others, Palumbo says that learning a martial art has given him many benefits besides just getting physical exercise.

“Martial arts gave me the ability be more aware of my surroundings, as well as the courage and ability to protect my family,” he says. “I gained the confidence to deal with stressful and difficult situations.”

Funnily enough, Palumbo admits, he didn’t even realize Century’s headquarters were located in his hometown until a friend took a job there and suggested Palumbo check out the company as well. He fit right in and has worked at Century ever since.

“While no one is perfect, Century always strives to achieve and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction that is one of the main reasons I love my job here!” Palumbo says.

My Favorite Products

Versys™ VS. BOB

Likewise, Palumbo is always striving to improve his skills in Jeet Kune Do. His product of choice is the Versys™ VS. BOB, which he calls “the most versatile training system I’ve ever seen.” For simulating armed combat and knife fighting, Palumbo likes the ActionFlex™ line of foam weapons that let him go full-speed – without the risk of live knives.

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