Jake Merrill

“Working at Century, (training in martial arts) is kind of inevitable,” Jake Merrill jokes.

It’s true that the lure of turning one’s lunch break into a punch break is pretty strong for many Century employees, and Merrill is no exception. He had no experience in martial arts prior to joining Century, but decided taking a class would be good exercise. He started going to afternoon taekwondo lessons, and never stopped.

Since then, Merrill has gotten his green belt in taekwondo, and added Jeet Kune Do and Krav Maga to the list of martial arts he studies.

“I think the most unique aspect of my martial arts journey is the wonderful opportunity I’ve had working at Century, to meet and train with the very best in the world,” says Merrill. “The ability to learn from the kinds of people that we have access to through Century is simply amazing.”

“Plus,” he adds, “we get the best toys to play with.”

My Favorite Products

Creed™ Punch Mitts

His favorite pieces of workout gear are the Creed™ Punch Mitts.

“Doing mitt drills with a partner not only improves speed and accuracy but is great stress relief, Merrill says."

Versys VS.1

The Versys line’s VS.1 fight simulator is a close second choice for favorite, though.

“It’s so versatile,” Merrill says. “It’s great for Muay Thai techniques like leg kicks and knees, but also for cardio workouts and traditional taekwondo kicking training. It does it all.”

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