Latessa Lewis

Cage Fitness isn’t a martial art per se, but the exercises this workout style uses borrow heavily from MMA training and fights – in fact, it was developed by MMA champion Matt Hughes, and is used by MMA fighters as part of their conditioning. You have to be pretty tough to take part in this intense exercise, let alone teach it. Fortunately Century has Latessa Lewis, who leads Cage Fitness classes at one of Century’s in-house studios when she’s not busy working as an internet sales agent.

Lewis started taking Cage Fitness classes about six years ago, on a former coworker’s suggestion. She was looking for a good activity to get her back in shape. Lewis lost 100 pounds, and ended up enjoying it so much she went on to become an instructor.

“Before Cage, I wasn’t physically active at all,” Lewis says. “Since becoming an instructor I’m more active and physically fit.”

My Favorite Products

Women’s Base Layer T-shirt

Her essential items for Cage Fitness: the Ladies’ MMA Gloves for hitting the heavy bag, and the Women’s Base Layer T-shirt with breathable fabric to keep cool.

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