Kim Johnson

Kim Johnson found herself working at Century thanks to a connection from a friend. Twenty-eight years later, she is the Manufacturing Plant Manager.

About six years ago, Johnson began taking Cage Fitness classes during lunch and after work.

“These classes soon developed into a quest to know more about and practice martial arts,” Johnson stated.

Johnson’s drive to learn more about the martial arts led her to join the taekwondo classes instructed by Century founder Mike Dillard.

“He’s such a great instructor and very knowledgeable about the arts,” Johnson says. “I really respect him.”

Century’s martial art classes have been a great source of education for Johnson, who has also moved into taking Jeet Kune Do and weapons classes taught by President Paul Webb. She now holds a 1st degree black belt in taekwondo.

My Favorite Products

Body Shield

As the plant manager, Johnson sees all the products Century produces, but she points to the simple Body Shield as one of her top favorites.

“It’s basic, no frills,” says Johnson. “It’s perfect in my training because I can practice kicks, punches, knee strikes – you know, all the fun stuff.”

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