Kurt Hafeken

As the Research and Development Manager at Century, Kurt Hafeken is constantly working with all sorts of new and innovative equipment. In order to get first-hand experience with what he’s developing, he tests it himself at Century’s in-house martial arts studio. Hafeken is a 1st degree black belt in taekwondo.

“I started martial arts over 20 years ago, for fitness and flexibility, and reached brown belt before having to take a hiatus, for a number of reasons,” says Hafeken.

He admits he always wanted to get back into the sport, so coming to work for Century gave him “the best of both worlds.”

“I have a job I love with a company that leads the industry in the sport I love,” he says. “We have so many martial artists here and so many styles that every day becomes a learning experience. But the opportunity to learn martial arts from Master Dillard has to be the highlight! I feel like I am always picking up something from him that I wouldn’t learn anywhere else."

My Favorite Products

Versys VS.1™

Hafeken knows the importance of quality training equipment and Century’s Versys VS.1™ is one of his favorite products.

“It’s the most versatile freestanding bag on the market,” Hafeken says. “It gives me the ability to train in all types of kicks, hand strikes, and punches.”

10 oz. Middleweight Brushed CottonElastic Waist Pants With Pockets

Versatility is important for practicing taekwondo, but so is comfort.

“The 10 oz. Middleweight Brushed Cotton Pants with Pockets would be my other favorite Century product,” Hafeken says. “They’re comfortable, plus the pockets make them practical.”

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