Holly Gomez

Holly Gomez worked at Century for a while before she began her martial arts training. One day, a couple of her friends who attended the classes invited her along, and, as she says, “the rest is history.”

“I started training with Master Dillard because I knew it would be the opportunity of a lifetime, and it certainly has been,” Gomez says. “I trained for three and a half years at Century before I received my black belt at the age of 58.”

In addition to her 1st degree black belt in taekwondo, Gomez is a certified level-one student in Jeet Kune Do weapons fighting through her training with Paul Webb. She also studies Chun Kuk Do and is a member of the United Fighting Arts Federation, founded by Chuck Norris.

“Martial arts training has changed my life, both personally and professionally,” she says. “Before, I would walk past tubs of belts and only think about whether there was enough material on order. Now when I pass the belts I think of all the boys, girls, men and women getting ready for their belt test who share the same emotions I experienced on my journey.”

My Favorite Products

Versys™ VS.3

Her favorite training tool is the Versys™ VS.3 because the freestanding tripod bag lets her practice low or inside leg kicks as well as punches.

Agility Ladder

Her second favorite product is the Agility Ladder, for building the quick feet and steady balance any taekwondo practitioner needs.

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