Michael Dillard

You would expect that the son of Century’s founder would be a talented martial artist, and you would be absolutely right. Michael Dillard began his martial arts studies with taekwondo and over time branched out into boxing, Jun Kuk Do, Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, Hapkido, and judo. He does a lot of his training through Century Martial Arts Club at the company headquarters’ in-house studio.

“I think that as an adult, the martial arts provide a great way to stay fit while learning a practical skill that can be used in everyday life, whether it be skill itself or the values that it instills,” says Dillard, adding, “Beating up your coworkers at lunch isn’t such a bad deal either, especially when they’re family.”

Dillard is just as passionate about his work at Century as he is his training. “It’s special knowing that you are part of an organization that is promoting and growing the martial arts industry to keep the traditions alive,” he says.

My Favorite Products

Versys™ VS.3

Dillard is a fighter who is well-rounded and trained in multiple disciplines, and it makes sense that his favorite Century product, the VS.3, reflects that versatility.

“The fact that you can kick its tripod base while utilizing the Wavemaster-style top makes it the most applicable and practical piece of equipment on the market right now,” says Dillard. “There’s not a workout in any of my martial arts styles that I can’t do on the Versys™ VS.3.”

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