Amber Coble

Marketing Coordinator Amber Coble is a 2nd degree black belt in Olympic-style taekwondo and a 3rd degree black belt in traditional-style taekwondo under Mr. Dillard. Recently she has expanded her training to include Jeet Kune Do, which she studies under Century President Paul Webb, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

“My dad put me into martial arts when I was 8,” Coble says. “He wanted his only child to know how to defend herself.”

Martial arts helped her gain self-esteem, especially when it came to other sports.

“I was a softball pitcher, and I played basketball and tennis.” “People would say I was too short (4 feet, 11 inches), but my martial arts training gave me confidence.”

After graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma, Coble found the job at Century by “happy coincidence” and is now both a Jeet Kune Do student and a taekwondo instructor for the Century Martial Arts Club (CMAC).

“I’m not just a student; I’m helping people on their martial arts journey,” Coble says. “We have a group of students who have been in the CMAC for over three years and in that time three of those students earned their rank of 1st degree black belt. I look forward to watching their journeys not only as martial artists, but as instructors. Their growth is something that would make any instructor extremely proud, and knowing that my instruction as a student can now be passed on to others in the industry is truly amazing.”

My Favorite Products

Drive™ Double Handheld Target

One of her favorite Century products to work with is a Drive double Handheld Target (or two!). The handheld target helps students practice the accuracy of their punches and kicks, and it’s easy to use whether moving or striking in place.

Wavemaster®  2XL Pro

Versatility is important for practicing taekwondo, but so is comfort.

“I really like the Wavemaster®  2XL Pro, too,” Coble says. “It’s great for practicing a variety of kicks, punches, and combos. I like to use a timer to work in thirty second bursts or longer for my cardio workouts.”

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