Team: Forms & Weapons

Signature Weapon: Kamas

Residence: Highlands Ranch, CO

Trains at: Tyler Weaver’s Champion Martial Arts/ ATA Karate, Denver, CO

Martial arts style(s) and belt level: Taekwondo, Kenpo, ninjiustu, Extreme Martial Arts

Team Member since: 2014

About Me: I am 19 years old. I have been doing karate for 17 years now and been competing for 10 years now. I love inspiring and teaching other people and kids. Because of marital arts, I have been in three movies: Star Raiders, Champions of the Deep, and Underdogs Kids. Plus, I am in one that is currently being filmed, called Bokendon . I plan on doing more in the future!

Fav. Century Product: Custom Paul Mitchell uniforms

Fun Facts: I love tricking, dancing, and snowboarding! Not to mention acting. I’m also learning on how to become a DJ and perform at clubs.

Started Martial Arts Because: My father had a martial arts studio before I was even born. When I started walking, my father started to teach me. Then when I was 7 years old I saw Taylor Lautner perform at the U.S. Open and I told my dad I wanted to do that and decided to learn Extreme Martial Arts.

How Has Martial Arts changed your life?: I was born with a rare disease called Kawasaki's. Basically, it stunts your growth by about two years and gives you horrible sports asthma. Doctors told me and my family that I would never be able to do any sports without an inhaler by my side because my lungs would be too weak. But because I trained in martial arts, my lungs got stronger and now I don't need an inhaler anymore. Martial arts gave me the strength to do whatever I want to do in life.





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