Team: Forms & Weapons

Signature Weapon: Bo Staff

Residence: Paducah, KY

Trains at: Success Martial Arts Center, Lebanon, TN

Martial arts style(s) and belt level: 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo

Team Member since: 2012

About Me: I am a 50-time world champion in sport karate. I have won all of the sport's major titles multiple times including 6 ISKA titles at the US Open, 4 Warrior Cups at the AKA Grand Nationals, and 4 Diamond Rings at the Diamond Nationals. I am widely regarded as the top bo staff competitor in the world today - I developed a style consisting of powerful strikes combined with innovative manipulations and releases. I was featured on ESPN2's Sports Nation and have appeared numerous times on the ESPN2 broadcasts of the US Open Night of Champions. Century and I have partnered to create and market the Jackson Rudolph Signature Series line of bo staffs and weapons carrying cases. I am a Hyper Pro Athlete for Hyper Martial Arts and have produced three bo staff instructional DVDs as well as the BELIEVE campaign which includes my signature t-shirt and camp curriculum. I have been fortunate to teach seminars and private lessons all over the world. In addition to martial arts, I have also been involved in various entertainment opportunities.

Fav. Century Product: Jackson Rudolph Signature Bo Staff

Fun Facts: Most people don’t know that I am a straight A student, despite also being a professional athlete. I earned two perfect ACT scores and multiple other scholarly achievements. I have been accepted into Stanford University.

Started Martial Arts Because: I started martial arts after my first grade school teacher introduced me to it through a two week introductory course. I enjoyed the ability to progress at my own pace and see results after hours of work. I was hooked from the moment I stepped on the mat.

How Has Martial Arts changed your life?: Martial arts has changed my life by giving me the opportunity to inspire athletes of all ages around the world. My accolades in the martial arts have led to hundreds of seminars and private lessons in which I have taught students from four different continents not only how to become better martial artists, but to become better people as well.





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