Team: Fighter

Residence: Orlando, FL

Trains at: Florida Sports Martial Arts, Orlando, FL


Martial arts style(s) and belt level: 3rd degree black belt in Shotokan, 2nd degree black belt in Goju-Ryu, and 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do

Team Member since: 2013

About Me: I’ve won multiple World Titles in point sparring including WAKO, NASKA, ISKA, WKA, and Overall Grand Championships. I’m happy to be currently ranked as the #1 lightweight in the world!

Fav. Century Product: Kicking Jeans

Fun Facts: I love snowboarding!

Started Martial Arts Because: For my third birthday my dad, Alberto Ortiz, who was fighter, gave me my first lesson in Shotokan Karate. He taught me what I know about fighting today. However, watching people like Bruce Lee, who was small but incredible in the arts, and Jean Claude Van Damme, who showed me that being a kicker was an art, gave me a lot of inspiration for taking my game to the next level!

How Has Martial Arts changed your life?: I don't know where I see myself without it. I was practically born into and a lot of experiences such as traveling the world, conducting seminars, meeting very inspiring people, networking with great talent, and growing my extended family, has only came to me and continues to come to me, all thanks to martial arts.





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