Team: Fighter

Residence: Budapest, Hungary

Trains at: Facility in Pest Megye (County), Hungaria


Martial arts style(s) and belt level: 5th Dan black belt in Kickboxing

Team Member since: 2012

About Me: I was born on June 3, 1988, in Budapest, Hungary. When I was 8, I joined the Halker-Kiraly Team and started doing WAKO kickboxing. Since then, I’ve been heavily involved in competing and have won a lot of the major tournaments: I’m an 8-time WAKO World Champion, and 8-time WAKO European Champion. I also won the WAKO Junior World Championship twice as a youth. In 2013, I became the first-ever European competitor to win the Overall Sparring Grand Champion title at any NASKA tournaments in the US.Overall Sparring Grand Champion title at NASKA in the US.

Fav. Century Product: P2 Sparring Gear and the Ninja Uniform

Fun Facts: In 2003 my cervical vertebra was broken by an accident, but luckily I could recover completely.

Started Martial Arts Because: I wanted to be like the martial artists in the '90s movies, plus I wanted to be tougher. My parents wanted me to be more confident in life, too.

How Has Martial Arts changed your life?: Martial arts made me the person who I am today. It taught me to be disciplined, confident and respectful. Martial arts are the best sports to form the personality in order to become a good man.





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