Team: Forms & Weapons

Signature Weapon: Bo Staff

Residence: Nashville, TN

Trains at: Success Martial Arts Center, Lebanon, TN

Martial arts style(s) and belt level: Third degree black belt in Taekwondo

Team Member since: 2015

About Me: I’m a third degree black belt in Taekwondo with nine years of experience. I started very young, as I wanted to follow my big brothers, Reid and Cole, from the time I could walk! I do traditional and extreme martial arts as well as weapons and fighting. I love competing, and I have won an ISKA world championship as well as 30 NASKA world championships including an AKA Warrior Cup, a Diamond National diamond ring, and a Compete medallion. I also won the overall NASKA 13 and under weapons grand championship for 2014 and 2015. My family owns a martial arts studio and I love teaching every week when I’m not traveling. I was honored to join Team Paul Mitchell in 2015 and I’m looking forward to representing the team and Century Martial Arts in 2016!

Fav. Century Product: MMA Boxing Shorts and Brave Boxing Gloves

Fun Facts: In 2015 I got to go behind the cameras, and film a movie with Ben Affleck called The Accountant. I also got to work on the martial arts TV series, Into the Badlands, on AMC.

Started Martial Arts Because: I wanted to do everything my big brothers were doing!

How Has Martial Arts changed your life?: Martial arts have allowed me to travel many places and given me the opportunity to meet great people that have inspired me.





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