Team Paul Mitchell is the gold standard for sport karate. Competitors from around the world seek to join its elite ranks, and it is clear why. Team members have collectively won thousands of international awards and won worldwide acclaim.

The team formed in 1988, from a team of New England-based competitors. Today’s sport-karate giants, the team has a true underdog story. When their first sponsor suddenly dropped out, it could have spelled disaster for the team. That’s when John Paul DeJoria, co-founder of professional hair-care company John Paul Mitchell Systems, stepped up. It was the beginning of a successful partnership that has continued to this day.

In 2015, Team Paul Mitchell entered into another partnership, this time with Century Martial Arts. Century became the team’s official equipment and apparel provider. The uniforms you see Team Paul Mitchell use in competition are all from Century! Century has even collaborated with team members to create new items, like the Jackson Rudolph Bo Signature Bo Staff.
Being a member of Team Paul Mitchell is about more than competing. There is also a focus on spreading positivity and a love of martial arts. Team members make visits to veteran’s hospitals, children’s hospitals, and schools, giving inspiring performances where they are needed. They strive to embody the values held by sponsor John Paul Mitchell Systems and by martial arts: honor, integrity, commitment.





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