Team: Forms & Weapons

Signature Weapon: Nunchaku

Residence: Larchmont, NY

Trains at: Excel Martial Arts, Bronx, NY & Bustos Karate and Fitness, Plainview, NY


Martial arts style(s) and belt level: Black belt in Kyokushin karate

Team Member since: 2015

About Me: I’m 15 years old and from Larchmont, New York. I started studying the martial arts ten years ago, when I began training in a traditional Japanese system. I began to compete on the local tournament circuits, including the KRANE circuit which is the largest on the East Coast. When I was seven, I also began competing on the National/World circuit NASKA, North American Sport Karate Association, and won my first NASKA world title in fighting. In 2009, I was named the KRANE 17 & Under Youth Black Belt of the Year and awarded a karate scholarship from the Myles Goslin Foundation. I’ve earned 30 NASKA World titles since then, in the disciplines of sparring, traditional weapons, traditional forms, extreme weapons, extreme forms and Synchronized Team Forms. I’m a member of and sponsored by the prestigious 28 year-old professional sports team, Team Paul Mitchell, and I’m coached by Los Angeles-based Matt Emig. I’m also the youngest pro athlete with Hyper Martial Arts, a tricking and martial arts brand out of California.

I’ve gotten to appear on ESPN seven times and have won the coveted ISKA title three times (it’s considered the highest honor attainable in sport karate). In 2015, I won the Warrior Cup. Coach Matt Emig and I won a national contest sponsored by Sony and MGM studios searching for the “real” Karate Kid. We flown to Los Angeles to meet Jackie Chan and Will Smith in Hollywood, California. I’ve also been on Good Morning America with Matt Lauer. I love helping other people learn martial arts – I teach seminars all over the US and Guatemala, Puerto Rico and Canada. In 2014, I released two instructional DVD’s in extreme forms and extreme weapons.

Fav. Century Product: Weighted Gloves

Fun Facts: I was part of a professional hip hop group in NYC!

Started Martial Arts Because: I started martial arts because I saw a karate commercial on TV as a young kid – at first I thought it was for hip-hop classes! When I found out that what I took was a karate class I stuck with it and loved it!

How Has Martial Arts changed your life?: Martial arts has made me more disciplined, outgoing and made me a leader!





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