Team: Fighter

Residence: Columbia, MD

Trains at: Awesome Martial Arts, Columbia, Maryland


Martial arts style(s) and belt level: 3rd degree black belt in Chung Do Kwan taekwondo

Team Member since: 2015

About Me: I began martial arts at the age of 3 and have been dedicated ever sense. Some of my major accomplishments have been winning the heavyweight grand champion at the U.S Open , and winning the overall grand championship at the Kumite Classics (Nation Black Belt League) at the age of 17. Presently I compete alongside my father, Gerald "Awesome" Dawson, as a part of Team Paul Mitchell Karate. We’re the first father/son competition team on this level.

Fav. Century Product: Drive Sparring Gloves

Fun Facts: Most people do not know that I also run a martial arts school full time, on top of being a martial arts competitor.

Started Martial Arts Because: I was inspirited to start martial arts from the influence of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers cartoon shows.

How Has Martial Arts changed your life?: The martial arts have given me the disciple to make right decisions in my life and remain humble at all times.





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