Team: Forms & Weapons

Signature Weapon: Bo Staff

Residence: Plainview, NY

Trains at: Busto's Martial Arts, Old Bethpage, NY


Martial arts style(s) and belt level: Black belt in Kenpo

Team Member since: 2015

About Me: I am a 9x NASKA World Champion in Forms, Weapons and Synchronized Forms and a 2x ISKA World Champion in Forms and Weapons. I am very close with my family and enjoy watching movies, hanging out with my friends and love pursuing my passion in martial arts.

Fav. Century Product: Original Wavemaster, kick pads, and targets. They are great tools to use while training and I get a lot of use out of them.

Fun Facts: I do a performance for my school pep rally every year, and I also help tutor other kids in school that need help. I was a main character in the movie "Underdog Kids" which was so much fun. I broke my leg in 2014 and was in wheelchair for a few months and then physical therapy. With a lot hard work and determination I am so grateful to be able to come back to compete at a high level in 2015 and continue my journey in extreme martial arts. I enjoy listening to rap music.

Started Martial Arts Because: My parents signed me up for a trial class at 4-1/2 and I never left. I instantly fell in love with it and now I am an instructor at Busto's Martial Arts where I started karate and teach seminars around the world. Over the years I had to give up other sports that I did so I can mainly focus on my karate.

How Has Martial Arts changed your life?: Martial arts have truly impacted my life in a huge way. I've learned respect, discipline, honor and to cherish my accomplishments and to always teach myself to stay focused and positive in life. Without martial arts I'd be a totally different person. I'm so incredibly grateful to have learned and done what I have and I wouldn't trade that for the world.





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