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Versys VS.1
Versys VS.1

Versys VS.1

The Versys VS.1 is a revolutionary fight simulator made for every type of athlete. Its durable vinyl construction includes a pre-filled base that creates natural rebound, plus top and bottom handles for practicing techniques ranging from knee strikes to throws. Recommended for traditional martial arts, kickboxing, MMA, and general fitness, it can be used with or without gloves and is perfect for athletes of all ages.
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Item Number: 10184K


  • 13.75" Diameter x 66" Tall
  • Approx. 110 lbs.

Benefits and Features

  • Practice everything from stand-up sparring to takedowns and ground workouts, with top handles for clinch work and knee strikes
  • Features a larger striking surface than traditional hanging heavy bags or weighted free standing bags
  • The pre-filled base and natural rebounding properties enable continuous sparring and low-impact striking
  • Develop speed, power, agility, balance, and reaction time with a full striking surface for low kicks and greater versatility
  • Requires no hanging fixtures, bag stands or permanent installation and easily moves on and off training area

Additional Information

  • USA/Imported
  • Oversized shipping rates apply
  • One-year replacement warranty on all Versys Fight Simulators. For details, visit www.CenturyMartialArts.com/warranty
  • Warning: This product is sold for use in high risk activities. Before using this product, read all information. 
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Good, versatile bag when not misused

Skill Level : AdvancedBeginner

There are techniques and drills you can do on the VS.1 that you can't do on other bags. We use it quite a bit. It's good for kids and for practicing with a moving target because it is made to move a lot. The straps on the top make it great for elbow and knee strikes. It's not a bag you can pound on with high-power kicks because it falls over easily and has too much give for that purpose. One problem I've had with it is the foam has crushed at the base causing it to lean significantly. I recommend that you don't let kids knock it over and jump on it. It can be used in its knocked-over state so long as the base tips over with it. Otherwise, the foam will crush from repeated misuse.

Too Light

Skill Level : AdvancedIntermediate

Works okay for single kiccks and punches, but not worth it for adults. Falls over too easily. Kids use these for tackling and single kick moves. Base is a sand bag with ruptured in less than 6 months. Recommend putting sand bags in a trash bag or some other enclosure ot keep them from leaking all over your floor once they bust.

Good bag for the money.

Skill Level : Advanced

A very versatile bag with many different uses. I wouldn't recommend it to heavy kickers as it is very easy to knock over which makes it difficult to deliver rapid fire kicks. We use them mostly in our kid classes, but also use them for various striking and takedown drills for adults. Overall a good buy, but the XXL wave master will always have a place in our hearts :)