Kung Fu Top
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Kung Fu Topcentury kung fu top black 0251
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CenturyKung Fu Top

Designed to meet the expectations of any martial artist, this 7.25 oz. cotton-polyester top features rollback cuffs, frog buttons, a mandarin collar, and side vents for breathability. Check out the "Learn More" link below for additional information.
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Item Number: 0251-010

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Skill Level : BeginnerIntermediate

I was worried that this would be a cheaply made item. I was relieved to find out differently. This is a nice item with a deeply rich black color. It came nicely packaged and the shirt was pressed and ready to be worn. The material was decently thick and relatively rigid, though that is a good thing to me. I have an athletic muscular build though and the upper part was a bit tight, while the waist is fairly loose. I can still wear it however. I am very satisfied with this.