Demasco Shaolin Weapon Volume 1
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Demasco Shaolin Weapon Volume 1
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CenturyDemasco Shaolin Weapon Volume 1

Grandmaster of the Shaolin Kempo System and certified by the Shaolin Temple, he is a 10th degree Black Belt and has trained, and continues to train with the Shaolin Warrior Monks of China, where he is the personal disciple of the infamous Shaolin Temples Abbot, Shi Yong Xin. He is the President of the East Coast Operations for the United Studios of Self Defense. He was recently honored by the White House with a U.S. Department of Education Local Hero Award. He is also the recipient of the Federal Bureau of Investigations Directors award and in 1998, he was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as the Instructor of the Year. Three titles to choose from. Available in both VHS and DVD.
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