Hand Carved Rattan Escrima
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Hand Carved Rattan Escrima
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CenturyHand Carved Rattan Escrima

This hand-carved, durable rattan escrima stick features carvings on the grip and a burned spiral pattern along the length of the stick. Available in 26- or 28-inch lengths.
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Item Number: 101-000

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beautiful Stick


Skill Level : Beginner

"Ok, my mistake for not noticing the description only describes one
stick. I was told this weapon always comes as a set of 2 and my son
needed it quickly. The tracking page says "2-piece shipment" which I
thought odd given that two of these should fit into a box - but we
indeed received one rather large box with one stick.

My 4-star rating is because, half an hour after receiving it, my son is
still cleaning the rather large sticker off of it. The residue is awful!
He can't even try it out with the stickiness present. Neither of us are
clear why that sticker had to be on the weapon itself and not perhaps on
a plastic wrapping around it...

It would be nice if the diameter is also noted in the item description
(it currently is not).

Otherwise, the stick (one!) is beautiful! "