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Kazeka Muniz' Brazilian Street Fighting Series Titles

Kazeka Muniz' Brazilian Street Fighting Series Titles  
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Get in top fighting condition with this Brazilian Jiu Jitsu video series. Start with conditioning and stretching exercises and then move on to various techniques and self defense. Nine titles to choose from

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Volume 1: Stretching and Conditioning Workout Includes stretching, flexibility, warmups, escape and leverage exercises, balancing techniques, strength, speed and power training, ab work and more. Many of these unique fitness exercises have never been seen before. See why Brazilian fighters are among the world's fittest athletes. Approx. 55 mins. #BZJJD-001 Volume 2: Ground Fighting Self Defense Techniques This important video could very well save a life should you end up on the ground in a street fight or free style tournament. Brazilian fighter Kazeka Muniz personally teaches how to defend and escape from the guard position which is when an opponent is on top trying to inflict harm. From the guard position learn how to defend against strikes to the face, chokes and attempted arm locks while escaping and defeating an opponent with counter strikes. In part two of this dynamic video learn ground fighting strategies that enable to mount, control and stay on top of an opponent while applying chokes and joint locks. Ground fighting is a science and no one does it better than the Brazilian fighters. Learn the Brazilian secrets of successful ground fighting by adding this life saving self defense video to the martial arts video library. Approx. 55 min. #BZJJD-002 Volume 3: Choking Self Defense Techniques A sure way to stop and control an aggressive attacker is to apply a choking technique. Regardless of an opponent's size or strength, he cannot withstand a properly applied choke for more than a few seconds. This outstanding video teaches everything there is to know about lethal Brazilian choking techniques including front and rear chokes, chokes from the guard and mount positions, creating the proper leverage, anatomy of choke, choke defenses, using an opponents clothing to choke him out and more. Learn how to go for the neck and win by ordering today! Approx. 55 min. #BZJJD-003 Volume 4: Leg Locking Self Defense Techniques Very few fighters understand how to apply leg locks when in combat. The fighter who is skilled in this area has a great advantage over his opponents. In this valuable lesson Kazeka Muniz teaches the painful ground fighting foot and knee joint locks of Brazilian Jui Jitsu. Learn how to control an attackers legs to create the proper leverage for applying the leg lock correctly. Since few fighters ever think about protecting their legs, end a fight quickly with the techniques presented. Expand the knowledge of personal protection by ordering today! Approx. 55 min. #BZJJD-004 Volume 5: Headlock Escapes and Self Defense Techniques One of the most common attacks is for an opponent to try and get one in a headlock. The Brazilians have developed numerous self defense techniques for escaping every type of headlock whether standing or on the ground. In this high quality video learn eleven important headlock escapes and their counters. Learn ways to manipulate an opponents body position to the advantage to apply throws, chokes, joint locks, leg locks and strikes! Avoid being hurt or choked if caught in a headlock with the help of this important video. Approx. 55 min. #BZJJD-005 Volume 6: Self Defense and Joint Locks Volume 1 This important video features Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques that deal with standing aggression. Standing aggression is when an assailant approaches ready to attack. When confronted in this manner you will learn how to position your body to respond effectively and maintain balance. The techniques presented include self defense against single and two handed grabs, choking attacks, bear hugs, punches, kicks, clinching and more. Response will be quick and decisive. No longer feel fear when approached by a stranger, instead be ready to go into action with this Superior Self Defense video. Approx. 55 min. #BZJJD-006 Volume 7: Self Defense and Joint Locks Volume 2 This exciting video combines Brazilian Jui Jitsu with Muay Thai and Jeet Kune Do fighting techniques. Fear no one as you learn offensive and defensive street fighting strategies including proper stances and footwork, fighting posture and guard positions, balance, effective striking techniques using head butts, elbows, knees, fists and low kicks in conjunction with chokes and joint locks. This video is loaded with must have street fighting techniques and strategies. Approx. 55 min. #BZJJD-007 Volume 8: Self Defense and Takedowns In this exciting lesson Brazilian fighter Kazeka Muniz shows numerous ways of taking an attacker to the ground and applying a finishing strike, choke or joint lock. He also includes an excellent series of Brazilian self defense techniques for disarming a knife and baseball bat wielding attacker. Kazeka explains that anything goes in a street fight which is why the techniques are brutal but necessary including biting, eye gouging and head butts. This video completes the training in this exceptional Brazilian street fighting self defense series. Approx. 55 min. #BZJJD-008 Volume 9: Up Close, Exclusive Video Interview Gain insight into the World of Brazilian Martial Arts with Kazeka Muniz. This entertaining interview sheds light on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. A true collector's item! Approx. 40 min. #BZJJD-009
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