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Master Augustine Fong's Wing Chun Kung Fu Series Titles

Master Augustine Fong's Wing Chun Kung Fu Series Titles 
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Master Fong teaches the fundamentals then moves on to forms, weapons and sparring. Final video features history, concepts and philosophy of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Eight titles to choose from.

Wing Chun Fundamentals Punches, blocks, kicks, mapo footwork, iron palm, Chi meditation, one inch punch. Approx. 60 min. #WCDV-001
Wing Chun Siu Lim Tao Form Complete form history. Applcations. Single man and Double man techniques. Approx. 56 min. #WCDV-002
Wing Chun Chum Kiu Form Complete form history and applications. Lop Sau. Single sticky hands. Approx. 56 min. #WCDV-003
Wing Chun Biu Gee Form Complete form history and applications, asking hands two and three man sticky hands. Lop Sua. Approx. 58 min. #WCDV-004
Wing Chun 108 Mok Yan Jong Form Hundreds of fundamental and advanced techniques. Traiditional Wing Chun Dummy Form. Approx. 58 min. #WCDV-005
Wing Chun Weapons Teaches techniques and complete required forms of the Wing Chun Bok Jam Do staff. Training on butterfly swords. Approx. 58 min. #WCDV-006
Wing Chun Sparring Numerous fighting combinations. Sticky legs. Closing the gap. Taking the center line. Freestyle sparring. Approx. 60 min. #WCDV-007
History, Concepts and Philosophy Wing Chun history. Wing Chun concepts. Wing Chun philosophy. Approx. 52 min. #WCDV-008

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