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Vitor Belfort's Ultimate Vale Tudo Series Titles

Vitor Belfort's Ultimate Vale Tudo Series Titles 
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The Phenom is king when it comes to Vale Tudo combat, and in this series he personally teaches all the techniques needed to defeat any fighter from the guard and mount postion. Learn to strike, defend and submit an opponent in ways never known before.

He shows numerous techniques for controlling an opponent and much more. Ten titles to choose from.

Volume 1: Fighting From the Guard Position Vitor shows numerous techniques from the guard that include takedowns, reversals, arm locks, leg locks, the triangle, wristlocks, fighting combinations, chokes, submissions, techniques for controlling an opponent, taking an opponents back from the guard and much more. Approx. 56 min. #VITORD-001
Volume 2: Fighting and Escaping From the Mount Position Teaches all the devastating Vale Tudo fighting techniques he uses when fighting from the top or mount position. The Phenom shows what it takes to control and dominate an opponent when on top. His techniques include proper mount position, strikes, submissions, arm bars and arm locks, reversals and more. He also shows how to defend and escape the mount when someone is attacking from the bottom position. This video is a must have for all fighters serious about improving their skills on the street and in no holds barred competitions. Approx. 40 min. #VITORD-002
Volume 3: Side Control, Knee on Belly and Taking the Back Learn the best techniques for fighting from the side control position, knee on belly and ways of taking an opponent's back. The techniques Vitor teaches include arm bars and arm locks, leg locks, ankle locks, lethal chokes, submissions, triangle, techniques for controlling an opponent, escapes and attacks from the north and south position and much more. Approx. 72 min. #VITORD-003
Volume 4: Passing the Guard This video teaches all the techniques needed to escape an opponent's guard! In great detail, Belfort shows how to escape the closed, open and half guard positions by controlling an opponent's movements and defeating him with strikes, sweeps, chokes, leg locks, arm bars, arm locks, ankle locks, submission holds and more. Vitor also shows ways of escaping the side control and applying a submission for the win. Approx. 39 min. #VITORD-004
Volume 5: Reversals and Ground Fighting Combos Vitor shows every important technique needed to escape and reverse attacks to the back, escapes from side control and knee on belly, reversal escapes from the mount and more. He follows with numerous ground fighting combinations that include deadly submissions, leg locks, ankle locks, chokes from every position, take downs from the guard combinations, knockout strikes and important fight strategies. All techniques are designed to quickly bring fighting skills to a higher level. Approx. 39 min. #VITORD-005
Volume 6: Takedowns and Defending Against Takedowns In this video, Vitor teaches takedown techniques that have enabled him to defeat and dominate his opponents in Vale Tudo and NHB competitions. The techniques presented include takedown strategy and set ups, single leg position, takedowns to mount position, strikes and takedowns, defending against takedowns, defensive sprawling techniques, guillotine defense against takedowns, reversals against takedowns and more! Approx. 60 min. #VITORD-006
Volume 7: Leg Locks and Foot Locks To be a complete fighter in the brutal arena of Vale Tudo, no holds barred competition or the concrete jungle of street fighting, one must have a fight game that includes all the techniques needed to destroy an opponent from any position. Leg locks are the techniques that will give that strategic advantage when in combat. They inflict severe pain and can be applied from virtually any position. In this important lesson, Vitor shows how to apply numerous leg, ankle and foot locks from the mount, guard, the back and from side control, all designed to submit an opponent in seconds. Approx. 31 min. #VITORD-007
Volume 8: Vitor's Ultimate Vale Tudo Boxing Techniques Vitor teaches the boxing and striking skills that has made him the world's greatest NHB striker.

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