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Jissen Jinenkan Kobudo

Jissen Jinenkan Kobudo 
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Sensei Sukh Sandhu is the head of the Jinenkan Dayton Gi-Yo Dojo in Ohio. Sensei Sandhu holds the rank of GoDan (5th degree black belt) and is currently the only one in the world who holds this rank. He trained in the art of Kobudo for 19 years and studied under the direct teaching of Kancho Fumio Manaka Unsui Sensei, one of the first and original Jinenkan instructors.

Vol. 1: Basics of Jissen Jinenkan Kubudo
Sensei Sukh Sandhu demonstrates the basic on guard postures from two of the seven Jinenkan ryuha or lineages, including gyokko ryu and koto ryu. He will introduce the principles of movements, punching, kicking, and targeting drills. Sensei Sandhu will also explain the fundamentals of falling correctly. 45 min #SANDHUD-V01
Vol. 2: Intermediate techniques of Jissen Jinenkan Kubudo
Begin with the explanation of the basic grappling and striking movements of the Jinenkan. Sensei Sandhu will then teach you how to utilize basic grappling and striking movements against an opponent with a sword. 56 min #SANDHUD-V02
Vol. 3: Advanced techniques of Jissen Jinenkan Kubudo
Get instruction on reversal techniques of Jujutsu grappling, part of the basics of the Jinenkan. Then learn how to use Ninpo (ninjutsu) to perform the same Jinenkan jujutsu basics with weapons such as Eda Koppo followed by instruction on the use of Bo Shuriken to perform the basic striking counters of the Jinenkan. 56 min #SANDHUD-V03
Vol. 4: Expert movements of Jissen Jinenkan Kubudo Learn the use of muto dori (unarmed sword catching/evasion) along with the two sword (Ni-To Jutsu) of the Jinen Ryu. Sensei Sandhu then explains the Ninja Biken (sword of the ninja). This Ninpo series is completed with the use of metsubushi (blinding powder) and some examples of controlled sparring. 48 min #SANDHUD-V04

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